There are huge plans for Ronda Rousey

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There are huge plans for Ronda Rousey

On Friday Night Smackdown, which aired Friday night, there was a seated interview for Ronda Rousey with Kayla Braxton acting as a backstage interviewer. At a certain point, as you might have imagined, however, the champion Liv Morgan also intervened, who challenged Rousey to an Extreme Rules match for the company of the same name.

The response of the n° 1 contender was "it will be your funeral", a sign that the challenge has been accepted willingly by her, with the two who will then compete at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, on October 8th, with in The title of Smackdown Women's Champion is up for grabs, which in recent months has received a lot of prestige thanks to the arrival of Triple H at the head of the federation's creative team.

After weeks of feuding, therefore, with Liv who had managed to make the title of champion of the blue show her own in the Money in the Bank, now it will be Ronda to go hunting for that belt that she had managed to snatch in turn from Charlotte Flair, just a few months earlier at Wrestlemania Backlash.

New details on Ronda Rousey

As it turns out, if WWE champions usually have an advantage in the company's PPVs and are therefore usually the favorites in the titled matches that WWE plays in its paid events, this time for Liv Morgan it won't be.

Like this. According to what emerges from the numbers released by the American betting site BetOnline, the most likely candidate winner of Extreme Rules would in fact be Ronda Rousey, with bets that would pay -500 for the victory of the Baddest Woman on the Planet while they would pay well +300 for the victory.

of the current champion of the blue show. This alone makes us understand the big gap that exists between the two challengers, with Ronda most likely going to take back the title that was his until a few weeks ago and which could return to that thanks to the return of Triple H at the head of the WWE creative team.

Ronda Rousey recently opened up about why she would be unable to be a part of WWE's European tours because of her daughter. "I can’t do those (European) tours anymore now that I have Pō (Rousey’s daughter) which sucks because it was really fun...

I can’t really do a whole tour (Rousey on working some events in WWE’s European tour post-WrestleMania 38). I had to do like one arena or whatever, because London, O2 Arena or something was a big deal."

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