WWE made a strange decision

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WWE made a strange decision

After seeing the huge returns of the likes of Karrion Kross, Braun Strowman, Hit Row, Johnny Gargano and numerous other athletes thanks to the arrival of Triple H at the head of the creative team, it seems that a new curtain aired on Friday night at Smackdown can open the door for the return of another great ex-WWE name.

During one of the commercial breaks of the blue show, in fact, the fans present in the arena saw the building darken, and then heard the song White Rabbit blasted into the speakers of the arena. Many have turned around trying to understand the connection of what was going on stage, with WWE returning to normal after a few seconds, continuing with its usual show.

Many are convinced that there is a connection between the song and the return of Bray Wyatt, who was accompanied in the last period by a mascot representing a white bunny.

WWE makes a mysterious choice

Even in the live event held by the Stamford company on Saturday evening, WWE wanted to replicate the segment aired in the Smackdown ad space, with the song White Rabbit starting from nowhere and with fans starting to roar in the audience, trying to understand what was happening.

Overseas insiders, however, have hypothesized a second name beyond that of Wyatt, which would instead refer to an athlete currently in action in the WWE rings. We are talking about Karrion Kross, who in a past juncture of his career was called White Rabbit, with the company that could simply be rehearsing for a new entry music of the former NXT champion, broadcasting them on various shows.

available during the week. We remember how Kross, in his period in the Lucha Underground rings, called himself White Rabbit, which could therefore mean that WWE can give him this character again, giving him music connected in some way.

Meanwhile, EC3 believes Velveteen Dream’s antics outside the ring may be the reason why Triple H did not make him the WWE NXT Champion. “I don’t know if that’s exactly why [Dream never became NXT Champion], but it certainly didn’t help him.

It certainly didn’t help, but I can’t tell you what the six-year booking plan was. Sometimes things change on the fly... He had a run towards the top, but I would say that thought was probably a lot less likely based on behavior and antics of the backstage nature”.

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