WWE has changed some plans for SmackDown

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WWE has changed some plans for SmackDown

As we reported in one of our latest news with possible spoilers before SmackDown, the Damage CTRL should have intervened on Friday night in the episode of Friday Night Smackdown, with the three athletes of Raw: Bayley, Dakota Kay and IYO SKY who in the end are be an integral part of the blue show that aired in the night.

In the match that WWE wanted to stage at Smackdown, between Bayley and former duo champion Raquel Rodriguez, the two henchmen of Damage CTRL dominated, with an attack in the post-match that put in serious difficulty the ex NXT giantess.

To intervene incredibly to go and help Rodriguez, however, Shotzi arrived at a certain point, who from a good face went to attack the stable heel and not Rodriguez, thus making a turn face. We remember how Shotzi had made her turn heel last year, in a juncture in which she had a feud with Sasha Banks, when the girl was still on the scene with the WWE, with Shotzi who has always been a heel ever since, even if she has struggled very little.

Apparently, however, WWE's initial plans weren't supposed to be these, with Raw's stable heel going to blame another big blue show character: Liv Morgan.

SmackDown will offer surprises

Apparently, according to what was reported by the well-known overseas site Fightful, initially the plans for the women's division of the latest episode of SmackDown provided that Liv Morgan had a confrontation with the Damage CTRL, with the journalists of the well-known site who in fact reported in one of their latest updates: "Liv Morgan was originally scheduled on the inside sheets to have a promo with the Damage CTRL".

In the end, as we have seen, the champion was instead hijacked against her opponent for Extreme Rules, with Liv challenging Ronda Rousey to an Extreme Rules match for the ppv, while instead the Damage CTRL took it out on one of the two former tag team champions, Raquel Rodriguez, before Shotzi came to her rescue, who finally made her comeback after weeks.

WWE star Sheamus and the rest of the Brawling Brutes have set their eyes on the Undisputed Tag Team Championships currently on the shoulders of The Usos. "That's right Meg. Another banger from the Brawling Brutes and next week when Ridge "The Fridge" here and Butchy take on The Usos, it will be the beginning of the end for that family curse that has cast a shadow over this company. Somebody has to stop the Bloodline and we're the fellas to do it."

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