Chris Jericho recalls his WWE experience

Chris Jericho is one of the most decorated wrestlers of all time

by Simone Brugnoli
Chris Jericho recalls his WWE experience

Over the course of WWE's recent history, there have been numerous athletes who have become main eventers over the years, becoming some of the world's most famous pro-wrestling superstars in history. Some have already arrived in WWE as a main eventer or almost, such as Bill Godberg or Chris Jericho, who had made their character a prominent character, already from their stint in WCW, which at the time was followed as much as the WWF and therefore created Superstars on very important Superstars, such as Sting or Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit.

Over the course of their careers, Goldberg and Jericho have become perhaps even a little too close in the WWE backstage, with some stories from the locker room that have reported how the two have repeatedly come to blows, due to their very smoky characters.

Jericho, has always been a bit of the leader of the locker room, especially once he became the main eventer, with Y2J who in any company he was, always put his word to bear, even with Vince McMahon himself.

Chris Jericho is a wrestling legend

In his latest episode of the staff Talk Is Jericho, a Y2J podcast run by the same wrestler that has aired on the radio channels of the former WWE Champion for years, Chris Jericho wanted to tell what was the most hateful thing he had to endure in WWE.

Regarding this topic, Jericho in fact stated: "The thing that WWE had, was that they were telling you a lot of times, 'Draw me a picture.' And I'm like, 'Um, what picture would Vince want?' 'A cow' 'Ugh, do a horse.' It could be a red dragon.

it could also be a fire dragon. But he still leaves us the confidence to do it. I loved working with Vince and worked on it, but the problem is his writers. Every Sunday, the writer on duty would call you and say 'This is what you have to do this week'

That just sucks me to the c ** o, man. I don't want to be told what to do in detail." AEW star Chris Jericho believes WWE Superstar Rick Boogs is "super entertaining" but will not be a world champion with his current ring name.

"I hate the fact they changed his name from Bugenhagen, which is one of the coolest names," said Chris Jericho. "Bugenhagen! It was Rick Bugenhagen. That's a fuc*ing name, man. 'Boog' - it sounds like a fuc*ing booger. I think he's super entertaining, very hyper. I think he would have a chance to do something if they were to give his name Bugenhagen."

Chris Jericho