Does Randy Orton have a future in cinema?

Randy Orton is experiencing a kind of second youth in recent years

by Simone Brugnoli
Does Randy Orton have a future in cinema?

Randy Orton is experiencing a kind of second youth in recent years, which has allowed him to silence all his detractors, after periods full of criticism and harsh comments from many fans and beyond. The Viper is undoubtedly one of the most iconic WWE Superstars of the modern era, having demonstrated exceptional longevity.

The 'Legend Killer' engendered some memorable feuds during his long career and was the youngest world champion in WWE history. In addition to being a 14-time world champion, the 42-year-old from Knoxville has won the Raw Tag Team Championship twice and once each the Intercontinental title, the United States Championship, the World Tag Team Championship and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

He also won the Royal Rumble match twice and the Money in the Bank Ladder match once. His partnership with Matt Riddle - initially opposed by insiders - was instead much appreciated by the WWE Universe. As everyone knows by now, Orton is stopped in the pits due to an injury to his back that is not better deciphered.

Should surgery be necessary, Randy would be out for the rest of 2022, which still appears to be a likely opportunity having passed the middle of September.

Latest update on Randy Orton

In addition to being a great wrestler, Randy Orton has tried his hand over the years to do several roles in the world of cinema, such as in the film 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded and The Condemned 2.

Every year, on the third Saturday of September, Batman Day is celebrated around the world, and this year WWE asked its fans which of its Superstars would see us well as Batman. The most unusual response came from WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, who commented on the company's post and mentioned Orton.

And you, would you see the Legend Killer well in the role of the silent and lethal man-bat who acts in the night of Gotham City? Paul London recently revealed that former WWE star Juventud Guerrera asked Randy Orton to kiss him when the Mexican star was in an inebriated state.

"[Guerrera said] 'Kiss me, Randy, give me just one kiss, Randy. Come on one kiss. [Randy Orton replied] Juvi, get the fu*k out of here now. [Guerrera replied] Come on, Randy, just kiss me, one kiss, please.' I've said too much [laughs]," said London.

"Randy and Juvi were, at this point in time, riding partners and the Juice was on the juice, baby. And this is the story I heard, I can't confirm it 100 percent, but it was pretty accurate I think. He was drinking and they were staying at the same hotel and he was at three or four in the morning walking up down the hall saying, 'Kiss me, Randy."

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