Johnny Gargano on Chad Gable: "Chad Gable’s one of the most.."

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Johnny Gargano on Chad Gable: "Chad Gable’s one of the most.."
Johnny Gargano on Chad Gable: "Chad Gable’s one of the most.."

WWE star Johnny Gargano talked about his match with Chad Gable. It was not easy to prepare for such a match after a long time, but Gargano showed his qualities. He is still not completely satisfied with some things, and thinks he has to work on them.
“I’m very sore [after returning to the ring on Raw].

I just spent the whole morning with a massage gun on my left shoulder and back because again and I can’t stress this enough, I went from literally doing nothing. Sure, I was training and I’d been in the ring the last three weeks in the Performance Center but for the first time on TV, you saw me do my spear, you saw me do my DDT, any of the moves… I hadn’t done that in nine months.

So, what you saw on Raw was the first time I’ve done any of those moves in nine months. So, I am still in my head and obviously, I’m a perfectionist so there’s still some ring rust I gotta knock off, still some things I gotta get back in shape as far as that goes.

I felt great."- he said, as quoted by


He believes that the work is far from finished, but the sounds of the fans gave him strength. "Obviously, it felt good to be back, to hear the crowd again, to be me again, it felt great.

But, it’s a great first step, but the work is far from done and I’m far from a finished product and I do believe things are gonna get better and better every single time. Chad Gable’s amazing. Chad Gable’s one of the most underrated talents in the world and I will be very on-record of saying that. Chad Gable is such a talent, so underrated and I think the world of him honestly”.

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