Roman Reigns pays tribute to Tyson Fury

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Roman Reigns pays tribute to Tyson Fury
Roman Reigns pays tribute to Tyson Fury (Provided by Wrestling World)

Roman Reigns successfully defended his Undisputed Universal Title in Clash at the Castle, leaving no chance for Drew McIntyre. After the match, Tyson Fury stepped into the ring and congratulated the 'Tribal Chief' for keeping his belt.

Once the former Shield member walked away, Fury ended the night by singing with McIntyre. In a press conference, the boxing icon revealed that he'd love to go back to WWE one day. The 'Gypsy King', who has just retired from boxing, has never hidden his love for wrestling.

Tyson made his WWE debut in 2019, taking on Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel. During a recent interview with 'Behind The Gloves', Roman Reigns had nice words for Fury.

Roman Reigns praises Tyson Fury

"I think Tyson Fury is tailor-made for WWE" - Roman Reigns began bluntly.

“He is not only a formidable athlete, but he is also a showman and a great entertainer. He has a boundless experience and knows what needs to be done to enter people's hearts. I think his return to WWE is only a matter of time.

He will surely find an agreement with the management, because his future is here. I can't wait to admire him again in the ring" - he added. In the same interview, Roman revealed how his collaboration with Paul Heyman came about: “The appearances of Brock Lesnar had become more and more sporadic, so Paul was starting to look around.

He confided to me that I was the only one he really wanted to work with, otherwise he would have continued to be behind the scenes. Heyman gave me a lot of advice even before we started this collaboration. He has known my family for decades, long before I entered the wrestling business.

Paul has such vast experience that you can learn a lot from him. Nobody knows this sector better than he, having been on top of the mountain for so long. It is fantastic that he is beside me." Jim Cornette has explained how the WWE Universe might react if Logan Paul possibly dethrones Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel on November 5th.

"Now I got a problem. I mean, it would kill his career too because then all the really dedicated fans would hate him for the rest of his life because even though he's an athlete and he did well, he's had what, two matches? That would be insane and the fans would riot but they wouldn't be able to blame sh*t stain like they did for the David Arquette thing but it would be the same kind of reaction. It's just bullsh*t, so no no," said Cornette.

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