Triple H announces a shocking change

Triple H has gradually stepped out of the ring in recent years

by Simone Brugnoli
Triple H announces a shocking change

Triple H's advent as head of the creative team has brought huge changes to WWE. In addition to important returns such as Karrion Kross and Scarlett, Dakota Kai, Braun Strowman and many others, the television product that we see every week has been completely renewed and has been able to capture that extra curiosity from fans that has led to a net growth in the number of spectators.

But there is another fan request that Triple H has responded to in the last few hours: this is the return of the War Games to the WWE main roster. As revealed in an exclusive interview for The Ringer, the Kings of Kings has made official that in the month of November the famous stipulation with two rings surrounded by a cage will return on the occasion of Survivor Series, appropriately renamed Survivor Series War Games.

Hunter revealed that there will be two War Games Matches and that their theme will not be Raw vs SmackDown, as per tradition since 2016: "We will have a male and a female War Games. The tradition of Survivor Series has changed over the years, but this idea will not upset you.

It won't be a fight between Raw and SmackDown, it will be much more focused on current storylines. It will be like having the classic Survivor Series matches since it will still be a clash between two great teams, we just decided to raise the bar further and War Games will help us evolve this tradition."

Triple H has huge plans

The War Games Match was born in 1987 in WCW, the historical rival of the then WWF, and has been reinstated in WWE in the NXT brand starting from 2017, always under the creative guidance of Triple H.

The current format, previously different from the original, sees two teams made up of 4 members clash. There are 2 wrestlers to start the contest, with the other members entering the two rings at a distance of 3 minutes from each other.

The match officially begins only when all 8 have entered the structure and ends following the first pin or submission of the team. In the rest of the interview Triple H explained how the War Games will reinforce the legacy of Survivor Series and talked about the need to evolve over the years, which is why the stipulation and the structure of the cage have also undergone changes.

During the years. The former Celebral Assassin also paid tribute to Dusty Rhodes, participant of the first War Games Match, and recalled some of his favorite moments in the history of this stupidity: "I'm a fan of the very first matches, the originals, with the Four Horsemen, Dusty, the Road Warriors and all the others, but it was different times for this business, simpler times."

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