Update on Vince McMahon's status

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Update on Vince McMahon's status

In recent days there has been a lot of talk about the possibility that former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, currently replaced by his daughter Stephanie and Nick Khan as CEO of the company, could join the Stamford Federation Hall of Fame in the 2023 class of the UK.

ark of glory. Apparently, at least until a few hours ago it seemed there were plans to grant Vince even one last public appearance in 2023 at WrestleMania 39. The rumor had come from an insider to the microphones of US Sun: "Vince may not be finished.

with WWE. There are internal discussions to pay homage to his contribution to the world of Wrestling. Fans may not always have appreciated him for the way he has treated different athletes or handled certain storylines, but there is no denying the enormous contribution he has made to the business around the world.

It might seem a controversial issue, but some think that Vince deserves a last appearance despite the fact that any form of celebration could generate further media chaos at the moment." And from there he also talked about the Hall of Fame.

Latest news on Vince McMahon

Apparently, for the moment, it would be far too early to talk about induction into the WWE Hall of Fame for its former Chairman, with several reporters from the Ringside News site who have indeed confirmed that none of the internal sources of the company with which they have spoken in the last few hours, know nothing about possible plans of this type.

According to the well-known overseas site, in fact, the main internal sources who usually deal with the introductions, would have confirmed that they had not heard of any plans regarding next year's Hall of Fame, much less about Vince McMahon.

These whistleblowers also confirmed that before November, of all years, there is never serious talk of plans for the Ark of Glory, so anything that leaks from the company or from outside informants before late autumn is just talk.

or ideas to work on and no serious or concrete plan yet ready. At the moment, it is therefore too early to know if Vince McMahon will really be the main face of the 2023 class of the WWE Hall of Fame, given the hatred that Vince would have for this thing.

In fact, in several interviews and comments, the Chairman has always denied wanting to enter the HOF of his company alive. He who knows that the children or the fans can not now make him change his mind?