Will Malakai Black return to WWE?

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Will Malakai Black return to WWE?

In recent days there has been a lot of talk about the leader of the AEW House of Black, Malakai Black, who went by the name Aleister Black in WWE and the fact that the athlete has left the company of the Khans, after weeks of thinking about the his future, no longer in sync with the number two federation in the world.

In the end, the former leader of the House of Black thought about breaking the silence on social media who, in a long post on Instagram, said: "I want to thank all of you for the support and for the messages you have given me envoy.

It has been weeks of chaos and I would have preferred my conversations with the AEW regarding my mental health to have remained in private. As many of you will know, I consider myself a very private person and I don't think it is appropriate for these discussions to be shared online.

But as happens many times, the narrative is distorted and so here I am giving the precise context. I was the one who asked for release from the AEW. In the last two years I have had many difficult obstacles to overcome, including injuries, medical problems, the suicide of a close friend and many other physical and moral problems that I have faced together with my wonderful wife."

What's next for Malakai Black?

During one of his latest Wrestling Observer newsletters, the well-known Dave Meltzer wanted to report some news on the Malakai Black's situation, confirming how the athlete is very close to returning to the WWE rings, after the arrival of the Triple at the head of the creative team of the federation.

In fact, Meltzer's words were: "He fought last night, which is interesting. Then today he sent a state out and said he wanted to leave AEW. We'll see what happens. Obviously, he wanted to get back into WWE, but he still had a lot of time in his deal.

I think he still had 4 and a half years left in the deal. This is interesting because it is very difficult to keep someone who is dissatisfied under contract with that amount of time. They had done it not to make him unhappy all those years, but in the end they can't do anything about it.

The only reason he may have gone out of a 5 year contract and a mountain of money is that something must have happened with WWE and now they want him back and he must have changed his mind. So now the situation becomes interesting."