*Spoiler* WWE continues to sponsor White Rabbit

Raw has now become the most criticized WWE show

by Simone Brugnoli
*Spoiler* WWE continues to sponsor White Rabbit

Also in the live event held by the Stamford company last Saturday evening, WWE wanted to replicate the segment of the White Rabbit shot at full volume in the arena, aired in the Smackdown advertising space, with the song that started from nowhere.

and with the fans who started roaring in the audience, trying to understand what was happening. Overseas insiders, however, have hypothesized a second name beyond that of Wyatt, which would instead refer to an athlete currently in action in the WWE rings.

We are talking about Karrion Kross, who in a past juncture of his career was called White Rabbit, with the company that could simply be rehearsing for a new entry music of the former NXT champion, broadcasting them on various shows available during the week.

We remember how Kross, in his period in the Lucha Underground rings, called himself White Rabbit, which could therefore mean that WWE can give him this character again, giving him music connected in some way.

WWE continues to sponsor White Rabbit

Even during the episode of Monday Night Raw that aired tonight, WWE wanted to leave some clues about the famous White Rabbit, with a QR Code that was framed while Austin Theory was doing his warm-up in the backstage of the episode.

Above the QR Code there was also written "Come with me", that is, come with me. As you can see from the video that comes out by scanning the code, a white bunny plays hangman, with the answer to the question "Who killed the world?", Which comes out, which is "It was you".

The nice thing is that at the end of this short video, a date is posted, namely September 23, which would be the date of the next episode of Friday Night Smackdown, It is assumed that then Bray Wyatt or whoever is behind it, will appear in the next blue show? Wrestling veteran Konnan recently pitched an outlandish and hilarious idea for Bray Wyatt's much-awaited WWE return.

"I would actually have Bray Wyatt come back as The Fiend, but come back from an alternate universe with like super duper powers, and he's got something like a merlin's hat on and a wizard type thing, and he comes back and just appears in the middle of the ring all of a sudden you see this door, and when you open the door, all you see is like the galaxy, and he invites DAMAGE CTRL and Omos and every other act that we don't like, and he pushes them into an alternate universe never to be seen again and closes the door," said Konnan.