Kevin Nash confirmed the truth of Scot Hall's story about Vince McMahon

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Kevin Nash confirmed the truth of Scot Hall's story about Vince McMahon

Scott Hall simply surprised WWE fans with a story about Vince McMahon. Below you can read what he said, as well as Kevin Nash's confirmation in the "Kliq This" podcast. “I remember when Vince called me, and you gotta remember, this is a whole different era.

We’re not allowed to fight on the floor, you don’t hit guys with chairs, nothing, and they’re real big on family entertainment. So Vince calls me in and they were doing the Goldust thing and he goes, ‘We’re gonna do this Goldust thing.

We’re gonna do this thing with you’, and he goes, ‘He’s gonna be in love with you.’ I remember thinking like, what? I just went through a long angle with Shawn and I worked with Kev, who was like a big killer.

He goes, ‘Let me tell you about my first homosexual experience’, and I remember sitting, me and Kevin were both sitting in Vince’s office at TV. I looked at Kevin and my first thought was, as opposed to your most recent, like you and Warrior on the bearskin rug? He was talking about when he was living in North Carolina and was hitchhiking one time, and I don’t know anything about Vince’s past, but I’m thinking, hitchhiking from where, the pool to the country club? Like what? He said some guy picked him up and was like rubbing his hand on his leg.

I’m thinking okay, now you told me. What does this have to do with wrestling? But I remember being really resistant to it. That wasn’t the way we were doing business”. - he said, as quoted by

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash confirmed it; “Yes.

Scott and I rehashed that conversation numerous times. I was so blessed to spend like 33 years of my life with that human being. Later on, the angle goes a little bit forward and Scott’s in there with his son, Cody. Him and Cody are watching it and Goldust unzips his outfit, pulls it over, and there’s a heart and across it says Razor and Scott has to explain why this freak has a heart…Cody is like 10 or 11, enough to scar you”.

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