MJF: “My problem with ‘Wrestling Twitter is.."

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MJF: “My problem with ‘Wrestling Twitter is.."

Social Media has become a big problem for celebrities. We can see a lot of hate comments, provocations, and everything else on social media. It is a big problem for athletes, but most of them try not to think about it. MJF spoke about the influence of Twitter and some other things with which he is not satisfied.

“My problem with ‘Wrestling Twitter is it’s not real life. You guys will put people over on there that are garbage at f* wrestling. aren’t good at talking, are good at nothing.' - he said, as quoted by pwmania.com “But they post funny videos online and you’re like ‘That’s the guy!

Someone sign him.’ It’s stupid. Then there’s the other flipside, ‘You need to be watching NJPW, CMLL because this guy.’ You guys are watching clips and being like ‘This guy’s one of the top 10 wrestlers in the world.’ They are not”.

MJF on relationship with Tony Khan

His relationship with Tony Khan was not so ideal in the beginning. However, now they are on good terms and there is no conflict. One of the problems was money, MJF wanted more money than he had.

“Not good. Now it’s great. I’m a simple man. I go out there. All I do is win. I’m winning in the ring. I’m winning on the mic. I’m constantly winning. So obviously I had no problem with how I was being showcased.

That wasn’t the issue. The issue is money. I was looking to my left and to my right and I was hearing rumblings about what guys were making when I was three times the draw they were minute by minute. I’ve seen the analytics and I went, that doesn’t work for me.

I’m MJ freakin’ F. Pay up”. MJF has shown that he is a man with firm views.