Dakota Kai reveals her main goals


Dakota Kai reveals her main goals

As we all know, Dakota Kai was fired from WWE and then rehired when Triple H came to power and with her at SummerSlam returned Bayley, who was left out due to injury, and IYO SKY, also returning from injury. The three now form a stable called Damage CTRL, and while Bayley is aiming for the Raw single title challenging Bianca Belair, Dakota and IYO have launched on the couple titles, participating in a tournament organized to decree the new champions.

They initially lost in the final to Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah unfortunately not regularly, but then took the titles last week on Raw.

Dakota Kai has great ambitions

Interviewed on the Instagram show “El Brunch de WWE”, Dakota Kai talked about the victory of the titles and what are her goals in the company after the great return that left everyone speechless.

"With the Women's Tag Team Championships coming back, and then creating a tournament around them, during the tournament, we were really convinced that we were going to be the ones who would win the titles. In the final it didn't, so I think with the rematch, we knew we had to win them.

As for us and the Damage CTRL and all the things we said, we won at Clash, but we needed more momentum. For me and IYO, winning these couple titles not only does something for us, and us as a group, but does something for the division.

I would love to defend these tag team titles against any team that wants to challenge us for them. I think this not only elevates us, but elevates the division and all the women within it together." She then went on to say, “I so badly want this division to continue to be high just to show that we are worthy of these couple titles.

Anyone who wants to try to take them off won't be that easy. So it was a very nice moment." Bayley recently recalled feeling hurt after her DAMAGE CTRL stablemate Dakota Kai was unexpectedly released from WWE in April earlier this year.

"She has so much to give. She was just getting to the peak of her career, and the fact that she was let go hurt me personally because she's such a good friend of mine even before WWE and all this. And just the fact that we were letting someone so talented go.

I was just one of the times I was getting on a flight to go home from Orlando; I was there for rehab, and I didn't feel like getting into the flight."

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