Tony Khan mocks WWE because of Saudi Arabia

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Tony Khan mocks WWE because of Saudi Arabia

WWE has a partnership with Saudi Arabia and they hold several events there every year. During the promotion, in an interview with News 12, Tony Khan 'poked' WWE and what they do. “You’re right. We’re running a lot of great shows around the Northeast.

It’s so many great wrestling markets in one geographic region. I’ll say it [it’s] the crown jewel of wrestling markets…the real crown jewel of wrestling markets, not some BS overseas in Saudi Arabia.

The real crown jewel, New York City, is where you want to be”. - he said, as quoted by Khan added, “Just New York City alone is a great market. It’s surrounded by so many great markets that are within driving distance.

There are so many great fans up here”.

Vince Russo

Recently Tony Khan was called out by Vince Russo. Russo believes that the current conflicts in AEW are also the result of Tony Khan and his clothing. Some consider Khan unprofessional and think he needs to change his attitude and dress if he wants to be an authority.

We will see if this will affect Tony Khan and if he will really change his attitude, but maybe also his style of dressing. “Watch how professional people dress bro, that’s how you are supposed to dress in the role you’re in.

You’re not going skateboarding, you’re not going to go play pickleball with CM Punk, bro if you want any respect whatsoever, number one bro you have to start acting the part."
"They’re not going to respect you bro, looking like a freaking man-child, so number one bro with all this madness that took place, number one bro start dressing the part bro of a business man, of a team owner, a company owner. Start looking the part bro because the way you present yourself is an effing joke”.