Braun Strowman is aiming for a new title in WWE

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Braun Strowman is aiming for a new title in WWE

One of the names of the many released in 2021 by the WWE, which caused the most sensation online and among the insiders, was certainly that of Braun Strowman, giant athlete of the McMahon family rings, who in recent years had managed to triumph also in one of the editions of Wrestlemania, number 36, where he had managed to beat Bill Goldberg, becoming a WWE world champion for the first time in his life, winning the Universal Championship.

Recently, according to what was reported by the well-known website PW Insider, it was said that there would be a big possibility that the WWE had contacted its former main eventer, proposing a new agreement to return to the company, after Vince's departure.

And so it was. In the episode of Monday Night Raw of last September 5th, in fact, Braun Strowman has returned to sow panic in the WWE rings, knocking out all the wrestlers he found himself in front of in the ring and outside it.

Braun Strowman wants the US title

In the latest edition of WWE After The Bell, a podcast recorded by the Stamford company and managed entirely by Corey Graves, the former WWE Universal Champion wanted to confirm his next challenge that he would like in the federation rings.

Unlike what many might think, which is that Braun Strowman could soon go for a higher title, currently both in possession of Roman Reigns, the Raw giant has aimed for a secondary title. In his interview, Strowman said: "Oh without a shadow of a doubt, Bobby Lashley has to hold on to the US title because I'm just coming for that one of these days and I'm going to be Grand Slam Champion.

So I'll go straight to him and tell him. As I said, I will probably have an aperitif with that first, and then be ready for the main dishes "After the challenge in Lashley, therefore, the one for Roman Reigns, with Strowman intending to return to being immediately one of the biggest protagonists of the WWE after more than a year of inactivity in the McMahon rings.

Former WWE head writer Vince Russo isn't a fan of how Braun Strowman re-debuted in WWE after being released last year. "It was terrible, absolutely terrible. Listen, I put some of the onus on Braun because if I'm Braun and I've been away...

I am going to question, before I agree to do anything, 'what are the plans for bringing me back? Lay it out to me.' Many, many, many talents asked me that throughout my career when they were out and they were hurt.

I would lay it out to them, we would talk about it. This was horrible. Not weird, not peculiar, absolutely horrible," said Russo.