*Spoiler* Big titled matches announced for Halloween Havoc

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*Spoiler* Big titled matches announced for Halloween Havoc
*Spoiler* Big titled matches announced for Halloween Havoc (Provided by Wrestling World)

On October 22nd, WWE will broadcast on the television screens of USA Network, a very famous channel in America that also broadcasts Monday Night Raw, its updated version of Halloween Havoc, the name of an old WCW ppv, which was reported in life together with many other old brands of the Turner company, from the third brand of the Stamford federation.

The ppv Halloween Havoc, as the name already foresees, usually has inside several horror and grotesque features, such as the particular stipulations of the matches or the special guests that peep out during the evening and also this year, of course, the WWE couldn't help but announce something special.

In the last episode of NXT, which aired only this night, there have already been two very important announcements for the special Halloween episode and both contests presented, have the two most important male titles of the brand up for grabs: the title Norrd- American and absolute champion of NXT, respectively vacant and in possession of Bron Breakker.

Latest news on Halloween Havoc

If as far as the North American title is concerned, we have seen Shawn Michaels intervene in the situation between Carmelo Hayes and Solo Sikoa, asking the latter to vacate the title because he had presented himself last week without being entitled to it in the title match against the former champion, now the title will be reassigned in a Fatal 5 Way Ladder match, with Carmelo Hayes being immediately added to the list of entrants and with the first qualifier to be Oro Mensah, who beat Grayson Waller in one match qualification of the episode.

As for the top title of the brand back to being black and gold just this week, Bron Breakker will have to face it against two other opponents, namely against JD McDonagh and IljaDragunov. The first challenger had already deserved the title challenge by beating Tyler Bate, while Dragunov instead made his surprise debut, which we had already reported as a spoiler in the last tapings recorded by NXT, going to challenge the champion and thus making official a triple threat match for Halloween Havoc.

Bron Breakker has not only caught the eye of the WWE Universe but former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre as well. "Yeah, I was watching the first show and live tweeting along as I was paying close attention," Drew McIntyre began.

"I was curious how the new format would look. There are some talents that really caught my eye. Steiner's kid, Bron Breakker caught my attention right away."