*Spoiler* Johnny Gargano made a surprising gesture

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*Spoiler* Johnny Gargano made a surprising gesture

The second part of the red show begins with the entry into the ring of MISTER MITB THEORY and KEVIN OWENS ... BUT THEORY ATTACKS KO IMMEDIATELY AND SENDS HIM OUT OF THE RING !!! Ruined rematch? -Kevin Owens Vs Mister MITB Theory The two fight outside the ring, with the Canadian smarmella the rival between the steps and the comment table, but Theory performs shortly after a strange Neckbreaker on the apron!

Shortly after, the two athletes find themselves on the third rope and KO knocks down the leader of the A-Town Down with a slap (attached insult censored) and tries a jump dive ... BUT WRONG AND UNDERSTAND TWO SPECTACULAR MOVES OF THEORY!

!! 1 ... 2 ... ONLY 2 !!! Mister MITB goes deaf and repeats the pin 3 times and thinks well to prepare the finisher ... BUT THERE IS JOHNNY GARGANO !!! GARGANO HAS THE MITB CASE AND THEORY IS DISTRACTED LIKE A CHICKEN ... BIG BOOT BY KO ...


Johnny Gargano surprises Theory

In the post-match, Johnny Gargano enters, drops the briefcase on Theory and leaves ... what a great bas ... In the backstage MATT RIDDLE and REY MYSTERIO are interviewed, with the Original Bro who wants to help the Mexican solve the problems.

problems of him! The BRAWLING BRUTES arrive in the ring, still excited for the SmackDown victory and who promise to become the new couple champions! Shortly after, the STREET PROFITS arrive (absent on Friday) and the funny duo challenges the Sheamus faction to a match!

-Street Profits Vs Brawling Brutes Nice imitation of the European duo on the move of the slaps on Sheamus' apron, while the battle ignites in the final with a Super Blockbuster by Montez and Angelo (with attached Suck it!), But the 3 !!!

After moments of confusion outside the ring, Montez wants the FROG SPLASH ... BUT THE BUTCH DISINTEGRATES FORD'S HAND AND MAKES HIM FALL OUT OF THE RING !!! For the European duo it is child's play to close the contest in a victorious way!

Backstage, REY MYSTERIO is interviewed (again!), Who states that Edge will come back much later and that he wants to give another chance for redemption and forgiveness to his son. Backstage we see JOHNNY GARGANO interrupted by the ALPHA ACADEMY, who make fun of him and want him in their team, but KEVIN OWENS arrives!

The Canadian wants to openly challenge Chad Gable and, since next week the episode will be in their home (Canada), he proposes a tag team match! Otis and Chad accept and Gargano silences the two of the Alpha Academy in his own way.