*Spoiler* Alexa Bliss and Bayley disappointedv

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*Spoiler* Alexa Bliss and Bayley disappointedv

Matt Riddle & Rey Mysterio Vs Judgment Day w Rhea Ripley & Dominik Riddle and Finn exchange submission moves, while Dominik and Rhea are thoughtful. Riddle, as a good gentleman, avoids Rhea and Rhea seems to reciprocate ...

RHEA'S BACKBODY DROP ON RIDDLE !!! The Bro goes into trouble and only the change with Rey lifts the situation. Riddle knocks Priest out with a nice dive, while Rey hits the 619 on Balor !!! Rhea goes crazy and distracts the referee ....

SETH ROLLINS ATTACKS RIDDLE !!! THE VISIONARY TAKES A CHAIR, BUT REY KICKS IT AWAY !!! Dominik gestures to his father to be hit by the chair! Rey thinks about it, but decides to get in the ring to get a Slingblade, Priest's Chokeslam and BALOR's COUPE DE GRACE !!!

1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! We have come to MIZ TV! THE MIZ and TOMMASO CIAMPA arrive in the ring, with the Awesome remembering the birthday of his daughter Maddison and saying that he was ruined by Lumis and wondering why he himself is the target of her.

The A-Lister calls him into the ring, but he doesn't show ... BUT SOMEONE IS USING THE KNIFE UNDER THE RING !!! Mizanin says he wants to kick Dexter, while in the square you can see a hole where the sick face of DEXTER LUMIS comes out, who wants to drag Miz into the hole, but Ciampa arrives and hits Lumis with the microphone!

And we came to the all-female main event between ALEXA BLISS and BAYLEY!

Alexa Bliss and Bayley disappointed

Alexa Bliss w RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair & Asuka Vs Bayley w Damage CTRL The Goddess accuses a leg problem, but manages to execute a nice area maneuver from the comment table!

Alexa seems to have Bayley in control (pun intended eh!) And she comes close to success after a running Crossbody and after a move from the third string where she performs an overturned Powerbomb! Alexa tries the DDT ... BUT THE LEG GIVES AND BAYLEY THE BACK IRREGULARLY...

AND BIANCA BELAIR TAKES OFF THE FOOT OF THE ROLE MODEL !!! While chaos breaks loose outside the square, Alexa climbs from the stake for the TWISTED BLISS ... BUT IYO SKY MAKES IT FALL, with the race director distracted by DAKOTA KAI ...

BAYLEY'S ROSE PLANT AND EVERYONE AT HOME!!! In the post-match, the Damage CTRL again attacks Alexa Bliss and knocks Asuka out ... WHITE CHAMPION BELAIR INTERVENES, but she too suffers from the trio and takes BAYLEY'S ROSE PLANT !!!

The Role Model takes the microphone and says the following words: "I have you in control and at Extreme Rules I want your title!" And on these words ends today's edition of RAW!