What are WWE's plans for Logan Paul?


What are WWE's plans for Logan Paul?

A few days ago Roman Reigns appeared in Logan Paul's Impaulsive podcast and between the two there were also some digs that led the WWE to decide to make them challenge after YouTube declared without fear of being able to remove the belts from the shoulders of the Tribal Chief.

Logan Paul first appeared on SmackDown with a confrontation with the Bloodline, in particular with a returning Paul Hayman, and then he had the opportunity to speak during a press conference with Roman and Triple H also present, press conference where their match was made official for Crown Jewel as the champion will miss Extreme Rules because, as previously reported, he has a smaller schedule now.

New details on Logan Paul

Despite the excellent athleticism shown by the YouTuber, many fans are not exactly enthusiastic about the choice of the WWE made for Crown Jewel since the result of this dispute seems to be quite obvious to everyone, but there seems to be a perfect explanation for this booking.

To give it is the well-known Dave Meltzer who appeared at Saturday Night's Main Event on TSN, simply said that the prince of Saudi Arabia would be a huge fan of Logan Paul, who is actually one of the most hated people after the scandal that has him.

seen involved years ago when he went to a famous forest for his YouTube channel to disrespect people who in that forest went to take their own lives seeking peace, filming their lifeless bodies just for money and fame. "He is worth a lot in Saudi Arabia," said the reporter.

"He's a big shot for the prince of Saudi Arabia and that's all in these shows." Meltzer continued to reject the idea that booking had anything to do with ticket sales: “He has nothing to do with it. Tickets in Saudi Arabia mean nothing.

It's not even part of the game. If it attracts younger viewers, that's fine, but it's not a game for TV ratings. It's a game because the prince wants celebrity matches in Saudi Arabia to build the name in the Saudi Arabian media and Logan Paul will get more with the press in Saudi Arabia than he is looking for with Kevin Owens or Seth Rollins.

That's why there is Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is for matches that the prince wants to get the attention of the press around the world for Saudi Arabia, so this is a great match for this movement."

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