Becky Lynch on Momentum Dips

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Becky Lynch on Momentum Dips

Famous Wrestlers need to work really hard to keep themselves famous and keep their fan base growing. Not many wrestlers can do this and the wrestlers that can do this cannot stay consistent for a very long time. The WWE places a very tight schedule on most of its wrestlers.

They hardly get time to enjoy life and then they also have to worry about making the promotion money by growing their fan base. Even though Becky Lynch is one of the most popular wrestlers of the world, she is being overused by the WWE.

Since she was overused in the past, her momentum used to take a dip. Unfortunately, WWE fans get frustrated if they keep on seeing the same wrestler over and over again. This isn’t something that wrestlers can actually have any control over.

They just have to obey the promotion and its directors. Becky Lynch was very much aware of her dip in momentum, but she also knows that she gained it back. Lynch was at 1010 WINS before WrestleMania to talk about her dip. "I think it's dipped, and gone back up, and dipped again," Lynch admitted.

"It's all peaks and valleys, but that's absolutely nothing that I haven't experience in my career before. That's why I'm constantly running my mouth and that's why I'm constantly on social media, YouTube, interviews, or cutting promos outside of a building. I'm just brainstorming and thinking, 'What can I do to keep people interested?'