Other clues bring Bray Wyatt closer to WWE

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Other clues bring Bray Wyatt closer to WWE

Over the past two weeks, WWE has been releasing several clues about a possible landing on its rings for a new character (or someone else's modification of them), with the song White Rabbit being shot in every arena where the federation holds his live shows, both those filmed on cameras and those not filmed.

Initially, the doubt was between Bray Wyatt and Karrion Kross, with the latter calling himself just that in his time in Lucha Underground, but the more time passes the more it seems to be the character who gave birth to the Fiend who could.

return to the WWE rings. Especially in the video that came out of the QR Code scanned on Raw, as Austin Theory warmed up, there was a clue that was crucial for fans to be convinced that Wyatt is behind it all. The font with which the phrase "You Did" was written, were exactly the same that had been used for the Fiend t-shirt, which instead reported the words "Find Me", until last year in WWE.

However, the clues that would lead to Wyatt in the last few hours do not seem to have ended here, since the most attentive observers have found alleged clues even in the poster of one of the Extreme Rules cartel matches.

Clues to Bray Wyatt's return

As several overseas industry sites have reported and as many fans around the world have also noted, there are two very important clues that would bring to mind the character of Bray Wyatt in WWE, behind Seth Rollins and Riddle (but also others wrestler), on their Extreme Rules match poster.

If you notice well behind the two wrestlers of Monday Night Raw, there would be a lantern in a corner, like those used by Wyatt both before and after the coming of the Fiend, and fireflies, the symbol par excellence of the Wyatt Family and the dark world / Marshland of Bray in WWE.

You can see for yourself the details noted by the US reporters below and try to figure out if these too are clues or just random coincidences lined up. According to a report from Fightful Select, a return for the former Universal Champion is more likely to occur under Triple H.

"Many have been waiting for a Bray Wyatt return, and it didn't happen at WWE Clash at the Castle. However, we've learned some interesting notes. As reported, those in WWE that Fightful spoke to believe that a return to WWE is more likely under Triple H than it was under Vince McMahon.

Triple H spoke very highly of Bray Wyatt in his recent interview with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport. However, if so, they wouldn't be the only suitor for Bray Wyatt."