Tyson Fury is getting closer to WWE

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Tyson Fury is getting closer to WWE

In recent years, we have seen numerous athletes from other worlds, other than pro-wrestling, approach the WWE rings. Among all, one of the biggest names to emerge is that of Tyson Fury, world heavyweight boxing champion, who also made a match against Braun Strowman for an Arab event of the McMahon company.

During Clash At The Castle, Austin Theory tried again to cash in the Money In The Bank briefcase, but sadly ran into a huge obstacle in his way: Tyson Fury's punch. The boxer knocked him out on the ground, driving the arena crazy and reminding us that surely, as he has done in the past, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty and show off in front of the WWE Universe.

He also talked about it himself during the press conference that was held after the event, where he practically did not exclude his involvement in the future in WWE, stating that he is a true fan of the company, even if for now we cannot devote ourselves to the 100% because his boxing career is still ongoing.

Triple H spoke to Tyson Fury

Interviewed by Sporting News, WWE COO Triple H wanted to reveal that he had talked face to face with the English boxer during the Cardiff event, with the new head of the WWE creative team who in fact stated: "I think Tyson Fury is already enjoying the idea of getting back in the ring.

The question is, on which ring? Will it be the boxing ring or the WWE ring? We went to Cardiff together. We had a long chat. He always told me that he would love to be one of us. I think by now he knows he has some other big fights still in the boxing world.

I think he will want to capitalize on these battles as you have heard. Selfishly, I would like him to come and work with us right away. Always selfishly, I would like to see these battles. I hope he knocks them out and I hope he stays interested because he does it with a lot of dedication and I would like him to do something special with us, in the same way." Wrestling legend DDP recently stated that he's surprised Triple H hasn't noticed Nick Aldis' work and made him an offer to join WWE.

"I never asked him, but I don’t know how [Triple H] couldn’t love him. You know? The match for the title for him and Cody at All Out, I got to know Nick a little bit. And again, guys want to have a beer with him and chicks want to s***w him, you know? He’s got the friggin’ look, he’s got the work, he’s got the promo."