Alexa Bliss responds to rumors about her future

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Alexa Bliss responds to rumors about her future

In recent weeks there has been nothing but the famous "White Rabbit", which would be holding the bench during the commercial breaks of both Raw and Smackdown and in the WWE live events. Many are convinced that behind this white rabbit of the song there is the return of the Fiend and in the last curtain aired on Raw thanks to a QR Code, we also learned a date in which something will most likely happen, that is the September 23, therefore the day of the next episode of Smackdown.

Meanwhile, during the episode of Raw last Monday, Alexa Bliss went to clash with Bayley in a match in which the former Wyatt adept came out with broken bones and with WWE reporters who noticed how the girl did not was giving his 100% to the match.

Apparently, according to reports from some sources close to WWE, it would seem that WWE may have plans to bring Bliss back to Wyatt's side, returning to make them express with all their "powers" on-screen, for that tonight.

Bliss gave a sign of letting up in front of the cameras.

Alexa Bliss responds to rumors

After days of incessant rumors that surfaced online about her, Alexa Bliss also wanted to have her say, going to answer directly to fans who asked him questions on her social profiles, with the former main roster champion who in fact stated: "I literally have no idea what people talk about sometimes ...

invent something else folks "Obviously, at this juncture, Alexa can neither confirm nor deny the rumors about her and that of the Fiend / Bray Wyatt, because doing so could reveal some plan of the company that instead wants to keep it secret.

We'll see in tomorrow night's Friday Night Smackdown episode if we really see the former Universal Champion McMahon reappear on-screen with WWE or if the federation's hidden plans were instead others. Former WWE head writer Vince Russo recently criticized Alexa Bliss after her match against Bayley on this week's episode of Monday Night RAW.

"I got a couple of questions, the Alexa Bliss match. Number one, who hurts their knee, is in pain from their knee, blows out their knee and proceeds to do a summersault off the announce desk? Like is that the first thing you do, bro? If your knee got injured in a fight? Here's my second question, when did we start throwing punches with our forearms? How many real fights do you throw your forearm at a person instead of a punch?"