Randy Orton will go to court for the WWE 2K case

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Randy Orton will go to court for the WWE 2K case

In April 2018 Catherine Alexander, tattoo artist of Randy Orton, sued WWE, Take-Two Interactive, 2K Games, 2K Sports and many other parties for a use, according to her illegitimate, of the tattoos of the multiple world champion within videogames.

The tattoo artist has in fact reported that the designs of the Apex Predator tattoos, made by her since 2003, are owned by her and protected by copyright. The trouble is that the same drawings have been reproduced in various WWE video games, without the author's permission.

The case was supposed to be brought to court years ago but, amid the pandemic and other problems, it has always been postponed.

Randy Orton in court for WWE 2K case

Apparently now the fateful moment has arrived: the parties involved will meet in court on Monday, September 26 in the state of Illinois and Randy Orton will also be called to testify, being a party called into question.

If the tattoo artist were to win the legal battle, an important historical precedent would be created that could affect other video game companies in the future. The issue of copyright is in fact increasingly thorny. Catherine had already tried to strike a deal with WWE in 2009, being offered a ridiculous $ 450.

Faced with her refusal, therefore, she had no longer been contacted and she decided to proceed by legal means. In the meantime, we remind you that Randy Orton is still recovering from his back due to an injury, but the date of his return may have already been chosen: January 28, 2023, the date on which WWE will host the Royal Rumble at the Alamodome in San Antonio, in Texas.

Orton has already won the historic match twice and therefore could compete for a third victory. The 42-year-old from Knoxville was experiencing a sort of second youth, so much so that even the most skeptical insiders had to change their mind, especially because of his work paired with Riddle.

We will see what the creative plans will be for him especially with the new Triple H management. Top AEW star Dax Harwood has shared a conversation with WWE legend Randy Orton about a particular match he had a few weeks ago.

"It might get him in trouble, but whatever. After my match with Claudio [Castagnoli], Randy Orton texts me and Claudio and could not stop talking about how great the match was, and selling and what’s missing in wrestling," Harwood said.