Wrestling veteran comments on Ric Flair's last match

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Wrestling veteran comments on Ric Flair's last match

Very few would have imagined seeing Ric Flair in the ring again at 73. The 16-time world champion joined forces with his son-in-law Andrade El Idolo to defeat Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal at Starrcast V. Numerous legends watched the 'Nature Boy' last match, including The Undertaker, Bret Hart and Mick Foley.

The Memphis champion is recognized by many as the greatest performer ever, having helped spread wrestling to every corner of the planet. In 2012, he became the first athlete in history to be inducted twice into the WWE Hall of Fame, both individually and as a member of the 'Four Horsemen'

As if that weren't enough, Flair managed to complete the Triple Crown in both WCW and WWE. Guest in the latest edition of the 'Wrestling Perspective' podcast, Chavo Guerrero commented on Ric Flair's latest appearance in the ring.

Chavo praises Ric Flair

"Legends like Ric Flair never really retire from wrestling" - Chavo began. “They may not set foot in the ring anymore, but they continue to make appearances and cameos that fuel their connection to this business.

I myself have not completely retired, I still enjoy fighting every few months. I no longer do matches worthy of WrestleMania, I know where my career is, but I keep fit and cultivate my passion for wrestling. The same goes for Ric and for many other champions who have made the history of this business” - commented Guerrero.

Even the legendary Magnum T.A. he expressed his opinion about it: “Ric Flair is a man of extraordinary generosity. Many people criticized his choice to return to the ring, but the truth is that the fans in the arena had tears in his eyes.

They were all delighted to have been able to admire it one last time. Ric created a memorable event, earning a lot of money for many people. In some ways, it is as if he had turned the clock back." WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair revealed Bradley Cooper is in the running to play The Nature Boy in an upcoming movie.

“Well, there’s talks right now that I can’t mention. They are making a movie about my life and I know that they’ve talked to Bradley Cooper. I could see him doing that. I could see him. That’s the only name that’s come up I don’t...

That’s only rumored. I mean, I’ve heard it officially, but it’s not in place. So, ladies and gentlemen, it’s not true that he’s playing Ric Flair. I’ve heard they’ve talked to him, that’s it. Bradley Cooper is not playing me in a movie, yet. I hope he does”.