Triple H on the arrival of Tyson Fury in WWE: We had a long talk about it

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Triple H on the arrival of Tyson Fury in WWE: We had a long talk about it

There is a lot of talk about the arrival of Tyson Fury. The question is how realistic this option is, but Triple H intends to make Fury part of the WWE story. “I think Tyson Fury is chomping at the bit to get in the ring.

The question is, which ring will he get into? Is it going to be the boxing ring, or is it going to be the WWE ring? We were just together in Cardiff. We had a long talk about it. He’s as enamored as ever in wanting to do this with us.

I think he knows he’s got a few big fights left in him in the boxing world. I think he’s going to capitalize on those fights as you are hearing. Selfishly, I want him to come work with us. Also, selfishly, I want to see those fights.

I hope he knocks those out, and I hope he stays interested because I do think with the dedication and the drive he has that he could do something special with us as well”. - he said, as quoted by

Tyson Fury

Recently, Fury also spoke about his desire to become a part of WWE.

It would be great considering his reputation in the world of sports. Fury is a great fighter and has shown that many times. We hope that he will really become a part of the biggest wrestling organization. “At the moment, I’m a heavyweight world champion and I have plenty of fights that I have to take in the next few years, but I really have a passion for WWE, as you saw me at Crown Jewel and here and a couple of other events.

Never say never, let’s just say, Triple H is here and I’d definitely be open to it in the future for sure”.