Alberto Del Rio discusses the future of WWE

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Alberto Del Rio discusses the future of WWE

Speaking with Sportskeeda's Riju Dasgupta, former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio commented on the recent changes to the Stamford company and the resignation of Vince McMahon.

Alberto Del Rio opens up on WWE

On the recent changes to the new WWE and Vince McMahon's farewell, Alberto Del Rio: "Everything will be fine and they will continue to be successful.

They have Triple H and Stephanie McMahon running the business. They are not just any two. They know everything they need to know about pro wrestling. and they also have new and very interesting ideas. I mean, they were next to the godfather of wrestling, Mr.

McMahon. So they learned absolutely everything they need to keep the federation going. Plus, you know, they have their own ideas, they have a lot talented and they have a lot of money. So, they will continue to do great things.

Everyone has seen how WWE is doing. Their ratings are going up. People are happy with the product and therefore, as we usually say, the changes always prove positive. Sure, we'll miss Mr. McMahon and no one will ever be like Vince McMahon.

But since they can't do things the way he did, they do it differently and WWE will have the same. success it had in the past. Different formula but same result. They will continue to make millions of pro wrestling fans happy around the world." On WWE being better now with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon than when Vince McMahon was in charge of it all: "It's just that without Vince McMahon, without him, business would never have been what it is today.

. If it weren't for him, WWE would never have been so successful, never would have been so popular and even so beautiful." Alberto Del Rio has in fact sided with Vince McMahon. In addition, the former WWE heavyweight champion believes that Mr.

McMahon deserves great respect for his achievements and for beating all kinds of competition, making WWE the best federation for many years. Alberto El Patron (FKA Alberto Del Rio in WWE) has announced the new season of the Nacion Lucha Libre promotion.

"I know people, they wanna see me. They wanna see me there again. They wanna see me facing the performers that are now in the company. They know I'm a workhorse. I don't stop. I was one of the ones who did 250 appearances per year, 260 appearances per year.

Never getting hurt, always giving fantastic matches. An important wrestler for our industry," said the Mexican star.