Ric Flair celebrates AJ Styles


Ric Flair celebrates AJ Styles

AJ Styles has fought in the most important wrestling federations in the world, leaving an indelible mark on each of them. It is no coincidence that the 45-year-old from Jacksonville is the only performer in history to have won at least one world title in WWE, TNA, NWA and NJPW.

During his Stamford adventure, he won the WWE Championship twice, the US title three times, once the Intercontinental Championship and once the Raw Tag Team Championship, making him the 22nd wrestler in history to complete.

the Grand Slam. His second reign as WWE Champion, which lasted a whopping 371 days, is the eighth longest in the history of the belt. In the latest edition of the 'To Be The Man' podcast, the legendary Ric Flair named AJ Styles among the top five superstars of the modern era.

The two got to work together during their time at IMPACT Wrestling.

Ric Flair pays tribute to AJ Styles

“I think AJ Styles is among the top five superstars of the modern era, even if it's not easy to make comparisons.

Working with him has been a privilege and I wish him the best for the rest of his career” - said Ric Flair. The 16-time world champion also admitted that he had a fight with Triple H: “I have no problem disclosing the reason for my fight with The Game.

We did not agree on the use of the 'The Man' brand and there was a rather heated altercation. However, I was one of the first to call Stephanie when HHH operated on her heart. After hearing the news, I immediately made sure of her condition.

There are ups and downs in all relationships. I can guarantee you that I will be at his funeral, just as he will be at mine. Others can say what they want." A judgment on his last match could not be missing: "I wanted to get into the ring once again and I did it.

I feel like I left the scene in the right way, if you know what I mean. My whole family was there with me and it was a very special moment". WWE legend Ric Flair feels that Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat is better than 50% of the stars in the pro wrestling business.

"It's one of those deals where nobody's ever going to be Ricky Steamboat. So they might as well watch him while they can and enjoy the opportunity, because there never will be another Ricky Steamboat. At every level, he is better than 50% of the guys in the business today, and he wouldn't get in the ring if he wasn't.

He holds himself to a very high standard, and I imagine he'll probably look better than the guys he's in the ring with because he's always in good shape," the Nature Boy said.

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