Batista Announces Retirement

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Batista Announces Retirement

There are not many wrestlers in the world that get a chance to retire on their own terms and in good health. Many wrestlers are forced to wrestlers for years and years even after their prime. This is because professional wrestlers dedicate their lives to wrestling and are only good at wrestling.

A few wrestlers over the years have made it to Hollywood. Some of the wrestlers became successful and became huge movie stars. The Rock is a prime example of such a person. Batista is also a big movie star, but he wanted to final run in the WWE.

Batista is a former WWE Heavyweight Champion and was one of the best wrestlers that the WWE had a few years ago. Batista pursued a career in acting after not doing much in MMA, which he joined after quitting the WWE years ago.

He wrestled Triple H at WrestleMania 35, which many fans people predicted would be his last match at the WWE. They were correct! Batista announced that he is retiring from wrestling on his Twitter account. This was probably the last time we saw him in the WWE.

@WWEUniverse Thank you for letting me entertain you. I love this business and whether you cheered me or jeered me, I’m grateful for being a small part of your life. I am officially retired from sports entertainment and I am grateful for every second of my amazing journey ✌🏼