Bayley reveals her biggest dream


Bayley reveals her biggest dream

During the night of SummerSlam, there were three big returns in the women's sector of WWE, with Bayley, Io Shirai (now IYO SKY) and Dakota Kai making their return to the company's rings as a stable after the opener of the evening, which saw Bianca Belair go to give away her title of champion of the red show against the enemy Becky Lynch.

Immediately after the opening of SummerSlam 2022, at a certain point in the Nissan Stadium the entrance music of Bayley, former world champion of the WWE main roster, resounded, which was joined by two great faces now ex NXT: Dakota Kai and Me Shirai.

The three faced the champion and her challenger Becky Lynch face to face, without touching them with a finger, but immediately made it clear how they are now the new protagonists of the Raw female scene, with the new balances that will be changed in the main roster WWE.

But apparently, these plans should have emerged months ago, with the old Chairman of the company, Vince McMahon, who instead rejected those plans, trashing them completely and even firing Dakota Kai.

New details on Bayley

In her latest interview with the microphones of In The Kliq, the No.

1 contender for the title of Raw Women's Champion, Bayley, wanted to set the bar for one of her goals for the future on very important names in the main women's sector roster. Regarding his dream match for Wrestlemania, in fact, Bayley has nominated the remaining 4 Horsewomen of the WWE, namely Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, for a match at the show of the shows.

Pressed on this, Bayley said: "I think it has always been something that fans absolutely wanted to see. We did something like that at NXT, for NXT TakeOver: Rival, which saw Sasha win the title and I think after that night we were all 'Whoa, we can do this at Wrestlemania' So this would be a long-term goal for us, surely it's my goal, I don't know how I would feel right now.

I don't see why not, everything we've done in the past has gone beyond anyone's expectations and I don't see why we can't replicate in the future. It could be Wrestlemania 50, it could be Wrestlemania 75, it could be the next Wrestlemania, who knows?" WWE star Bayley recently spoke about adding another member to Damage CTRL if the faction had to be in a War Games match.

"Fourth partner, I guess I'm gonna have to go with Indi [Hartwell]. We spent a lot of time together and she knows how my big ol' brain up here is working and where I'm at right now in my career. She's a ride-or-die, you know. She's there because of the match I had, so I know she's gonna go into war with me," Bayley said.

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