Can Dwight Howard really make his WWE debut?


Can Dwight Howard really make his WWE debut?

On the occasion of Summerslam, WWE held the usual tryouts dedicated to those who are part of the NIL Program and among those present as a guest was the basketball star Dwight Howard, currently free agent, who participated in these tryouts with the character.

by Shonuff, the Shogun Master, doing a promo. Speaking at a press conference following this trial with WWE, he was asked if there is a chance for him to create a future in the Stamford company: “I think it's something in my future.

I love WWE, I love wrestling, I love being a part of something that will raise our kids, their character and stuff like that. WWE is perfect. I am grateful for this opportunity to be here and witness this whole thing, the auditions and everything.

Hopefully, someday in the future, I'll really be in the wrestling ring and hold a belt. Would be great."

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Speaking on Sporting News, Triple H had his say on a possible landing of the basketball player in WWE: "The ball is in his court.

It's a funny thing, Dwight Howard, in the conversations we had it was like: 'You know, I really want to do this. I'm serious, I really want to do this.' It's something we hear a lot, and there's a difference between saying, 'I want to do this,' and putting in the effort and doing the work to get there.

[He] came to our auditions in Nashville, it was incredibly fun. Throwing yourself into the promos alone and then with others, incredibly fun. [...] When he says: 'Hey I want to try to do it', I say that he has my phone number.

All he has to do is call me, and we'll see what can happen. And if he's willing to put in the effort and transport of guys like Logan Paul, and Bad Bunny and Tyson Fury, then we're ready." Attention because even someone has offered to be his manager: “I would very much like to become the manager of Dwight Howard.

We could follow in the footsteps of Arnie Skaaland and Bruno Sammartino. It seems like a very good opportunity to me," JBL said. Gabe Sapolsky has reportedly become the latest member of Triple H's backstage team to make his return to WWE in 2022.

"Gabe Sapolsky is back with World Wrestling Entertainment, has confirmed with multiple WWE sources. is told that Sapolsky will be working on creative but we have not confirmed whether it is for the main roster or he is returning to NXT.

Sapolsky is the latest member of the Triple H regime who was let go back in January 2022 to officially return to the company, following Ryan Katz and Road Dogg."