Dax Harwood was unhappy in WWE

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Dax Harwood was unhappy in WWE

Dax Harwood of the FTR talked about her farewell and Cash Wheeler's farewell from WWE in 2020. Harwood is currently enjoying the best year of her professional wrestling career, alongside Cash Wheeler. The former WWE Superstar, also known as Scott Dawson, has been inundated with praise from colleagues and fans for some time after numerous stellar matches in recent months.

The FTR are now considered one of the best tag teams in the world and both Wheeler and Harwood continue to demonstrate the reason every week with better and better matches capable of climbing the classics of this 2022. However, this year Dax Harwood also had the chance to fight singles against stars of the caliber of CM Punk, Adam Cole and Claudio Castagnoli.

After a disappointing adventure on the WWE main roster, Harwood and Wheeler have been revitalized and are now the current holders of the AAA, IWGP and ROH duo titles.

Dax Harwood wasn't happy

Speaking on the "Mack Mania" podcast, Dax Harwood recalled discussions they had with Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis before their WWE contracts expired: "We knew we could have done more and as we were leaving, they tried to get us to sign.

A new contract. The head of talent relations at the time came to us after we told him and Vince we didn't want to continue, and said, 'What if I could get you to raise the contract to over a million a year. year for both? ' At that point, money is money.

My grandmother told me, because I was talking about it and she said, 'How much money do you need?' And that's it. Here comes the point. I want to be happy with what I do. I mean, I love money and I am able to give my daughter and wife a life I never had, even the cash they don't have never had, but I also want and have to be happy.

In WWE I was not happy." Despite the incredible revitalization of FTR's careers, Dax Harwood recently revealed that Cash Wheeler had also considered giving up wrestling altogether in 2021, but that obviously didn't happen.

Speaking on The Walkway To Fight Club podcast, Dax Harwood detailed his conversation with Wheeler after the latter tore his arm open during a match against Santana & Ortiz. “Personally, man, last year, as we’ve spoke about in great detail was very, very dark for both of us.

Cash tore his arm open and I watched him almost bleed out and then at the same time, I was going through this dark period of anxiety and I had no idea how to handle it and so, we had to do a lot of soul searching within each other, but also with each other and to the point where — I don’t think he minds if I tell you but to the point where he wanted to quit last year."