Booker T pays tribute to Sheamus


Booker T pays tribute to Sheamus

WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T thinks a SmackDown star is special enough to be destined for a place among federation legends. The Superstar in question would be Sheamus. After Sheamus made his debut on Monday Night Raw in 2009, no one would have expected The Celtic Warrior to defeat John Cena in a tables match before becoming WWE champion.

Since then, however, Sheamus has won almost all of the federation's titles, except the intercontinental one.

Booker T on Sheamus

Though the intercontinental title got out of hand with Sheamus, that didn't stop former WWE Superstar Booker T from praising the Celtic Warrior and in his latest 'Hall of Fame' podcast, he spent big words on the Irish wrestler, believed one of the next future Hall of Fame members: “I think Sheamus will become a Hall of Famer in the future.

Sheamus is one of the guys who has always been among my five favorites in the federation. He has always been one of my favorite boys. He is very talented and I think Sheamus is very, very good at a lot of things. He is a hard worker.

He's not one of those guys who just tries to be at the top of the federation but he always makes great matches. He is a great man who works hard and is gifted with a lot of talent." Many fans have been impressed by Sheamus and his matches played over the years.

The Irish wrestler tried to snatch and win the intercontinental title for the first time during his match against Gunther Clash at the Castle. However, the assault of the Celtic warrior was not enough to snatch the crown, the Austrian athlete in fact managed to win and successfully defend the title.

Despite the defeat at the European PPV that aired in Cardiff, the Brawling Brutes still have a chance to win a title with Ridge Holland and Butch who will try to snatch Smackdown's duo from the hands of the Usos in the September 23 episode of the blue show.

WWE legend Booker T is happy to see former Universal Champion Braun Strowman return to the company and feels like he's meant to be in the promotion. "People aren't so happy about the way Braun Strowman came back. There are mixed emotions as far as the way he came back and squashed Alpha Academy.

I look at bringing someone like Braun back, you've gotta bring him back with some impact and you've got to wonder how you are going to do it."

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