Malakai Black is defended by his wife

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Malakai Black is defended by his wife

As confirmed by multiple sources, including the athlete himself, Malakai Black managed to get fired from All Elite Wrestling due to some personal problems. Among the many rumors there are rumors of a depression that the athlete is experiencing in the last period, a delicate key already experienced in the past by the Dutchman who has repeatedly publicly explained that he had suffered from anxiety and panic in his life.

Surely, from a personal point of view, one of his best periods was probably lived in WWE where, in addition to the more than positive period he lived in that of NXT (where he was also the top champion) he was able to know what has become his life partner in everyday life, namely Zelina Vega.

The couple got married a few years ago and today we see an important tweet from Zelina next to her man, a photo as simple as it is sweet which, given the situation that the former NXT Champion is experiencing, makes it clear how much support there is.

by the wife.

Zelina Vega reflects on Malakai Black

A simple and splendid relationship capable of uniting and supporting your partner in a difficult moment in your life. Maybe we will see him again in WWE or maybe not, the fact is that the mental health of athletes comes before rumors and preferences of fans of any kind.

Mental support and therefore the presence of psychologists within certain structures, such as the various WWE, AEW, Impact, NJPW, should be the basis for reaching as much sanity as possible within a roster / backstage. Many athletes need support, especially those mentally more fragile and subject to these difficult periods, just think of the status of Kylie Rae a couple of years ago, when she forfeited the match valid for the Bound For Glory Knockouts Championship, or again to the situation of Daffney unfortunately ended a year ago in the worst way.

Now Malakai Black will be called to come back to himself, to overcome this difficult moment also thanks to the presence and support of his beloved wife and, possibly, to recover as soon as possible to make all those who have always esteemed, cheered and supported him rejoice.

over the years, from the time of the indies, to the most important stages of the discipline. The World Wrestling staff reminds you that sanity is something important, which is why, if you have problems or need to overcome a difficult moment, never close in on yourself and try, in your own small way, to talk about it with someone who can really support you and help you get through it all. You are not alone and you never will be.