Bill DeMott on the reasons for coming to the ISPW tournament

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Bill DeMott on the reasons for coming to the ISPW tournament

Bill DeMott, a well-known face of the WWE scene, had an extensive interview with One of the topics was the ISPW tournament. DeMott was chosen as the person to hand out the crown. He spoke about the reasons for coming to the event “Well, first I have to say that and I know we’ll touch on in a minute with the training part, but it all comes down to me.

New Jersey is where I’m born and raised. This is where I cut my teeth. I think for a lot of people who don’t know and those who do know, I trained across the bridge in Brooklyn with Johnny Rodz, but New Jersey’s home.

And I’m not only a big fan of ISPW, but Tommy the man who runs the whole show. I’ve known him since he was a kid, and there has to be something said about I’ve been around this business for a long time. I’m 57 years old and I’ve had a few years in the ring and a lot of people use the word passion.

And this is what all I want to do, and passion. But Tommy Fierro has a passion for this business and all these cats. And when I say cats, I mean men and women that are getting involved in this business from 1988. And I know you have to Google to find out what 1988 was for all the youngsters in the business.

"- he said, as quoted by

DeMott on the 'big names'

There are many people he wanted to see and it will be an honor for him to watch such big names "But there’s always been that passion, that drive, and a young Tommy Fierro, a young Crowbar, a young Ace, all these young kids at the time have stayed and kept this business alive in New Jersey.

There’s something to be said about loyalty. There’s something to said about passion for this business. And I’m a Jersey guy through and through. And when I get an opportunity to come up and not only see a show, but to be part of it.

And then when I was asked if I would crown the champion, I always look at it and maybe this is my one shot back in the ring. And maybe I’ll just crown myself. I mean, naturally, if the robe is big enough, I might just crown myself the winner of the whole thing.

But I’m a fan of Bull James. I’m a fan of all these Recon and all these guys. I’m a big fan, and Dave Lagreca is a friend of mine, and I just want to any time I can be around it, that’s my five hour energy, to be around these guys and know what they’ve been doing.

ISPW has been doing great stuff, and Tommy just leads the way with his passion and love for the business, and it leads into what I have going on with my daughter’s foundation. So just tied into the weekend working out, and I’m able to be up here, and I get to spend the night with the ISPW family and fans and get to be a little part and get to say hello to a lot of people haven’t seen in quite a while”.