Chris Jericho on his diet: "The diet consists of just very small snacks"

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Chris Jericho on his diet: "The diet consists of just very small snacks"

In an interview with GQ, Chris Jericho talked about the diet that helped him. The beginnings were difficult, but he did not give up on his intentions. "The diet consists of just very small snacks, all infused with proteins and nutrients, and then a bunch of supplements—B12 fat burners, potassium, vitamins," he said.

"I remember the first day it was like, "Okay, here's your first meal." And it's one little package of oatmeal. And I was like, well, what else? I'm the type of guy who will have six eggs and bacon and a couple pieces of toast and a banana.

But no, this is it. I was like, 'Are you f**king kidding me?'"- he said, as quoted by

Chris Jericho details his diet

In the continuation of the conversation, he explained in detail what his diet was.

Chris was persistent, consistent, and knew what he was doing. It turned out to be a good move, and maybe this will be of help to some and they will do the same. "So you'd have this little pack of oatmeal, and then just as you're starting to get ravenous, like two and a half, three hours later, you get a little chocolate bar or a bag of chips or a cup of soup," he continued.

"Or you might get a chocolate shake, but it's not a big protein shake like you're used to—it's this wee little box. And then once a day, you would get eight ounces of protein with a salad, so you could have a couple turkey burgers or four eggs or whatever."

In today's world, there are many diets that they want to impose on us. Some of them have an effect, while some can cause health problems. Chris chose the best for him.