The Undertaker on his entrance music: "When that bong went off, that was go time."

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The Undertaker on his entrance music: "When that bong went off, that was go time."

The Undertaker and his entrance music is something that many will never forget. He became very recognizable for that, and in an interview with ESPN he talked about the importance of exactly that. "Most people don't realize that the entrance is part of the match," The Undertaker said, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

"It really is. It sets the whole table for what you're about to do in the ring and what's going to happen from that point forward. When that bong went off, that was go time." Israel Adesanya surprised many when he had the same eneterance music in his UFC 276 title fight.

Adesanya said; "Everything with the Undertaker made perfect sense," he said. "The music fit the character. That's the key element of it. The end is at hand for whoever's going to be standing in that ring waiting for me to come down.

That was the mindset behind the bong. And the music was just doom and gloom. You knew what was coming."

Triple H's arrival

The arrival of Triple H caused great optimism. Many believe that he will do a good job as well as Vince McMahon.

In a recent interview with ESPN, The Undertaker talked about Triple H and his characteristics “Triple H is a really brilliant man, I'm serious. I don't think he is given enough credit for his wit. We are talking about a performer who made wrestling history.

I am convinced that it will be a great resource for young talents who want to emerge in WWE” - said The Undertaker.
“At the same time, Hunter is a very blunt guy. He will tell you in no uncertain terms what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. HHH will do great things, I'm sure” - Taker added.