D-X reunites again for an anniversary

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D-X reunites again for an anniversary

Throughout the history of WWF/E, there have been countless stables and factions that have literally changed the course of history, both as regards the McMahon company, and as regards the history of pro-wrestling in general, with teams and stable such as the Hardy Boyz, the Nation of Domination, the D-X, the Ministry of Darkness and many others, which have made the pro-wrestling discipline what it is today.

Just about one of these stable, we want to talk to you today, that is the one born from an idea of ​​Triple H and Shawn Micheals, the D-Generation X, introduced only a few years ago in full in the WWE Hall of Fame. In one of his interviews on the subject, the Triple had even stated: "For me it was the occasion of a lifetime.

When my career was on the rise, I had to face a sharp slowdown due to many different reasons. For me it was a chance to get back on the right track, get out there and show what I could do. Being next to Shawn was a unique experience, as was working with the likes of The Undertaker and Bret Hart.

The learning was enormous."

The D-X celebrates 25 years since its birth

It was back in 1997 when the D-X took its first steps in an Attitude Era in which everything was still allowed, with Triple H who managed to even become world champion, thanks to the huge following he managed to have with the team of "degenerates" of the WWF.

Now, 25 years later, WWE has decided to celebrate the birth of one of its most important stable, with the next October 10 episode of Monday Night Raw which will see its protagonists celebrate a quarter of a century together.

This is the announcement of the Stamford federation: We do not know at the moment if the other former WWE will be invited to the party, that is Road Dogg, X-Pac and Billy Gunn, all former members of the stable, with Gunn being the only one currently under contract with the AEW of the Khan family.

So we just have to wait until next October 10 to understand how this great party dedicated to WWE degenerates will take place. During a recent WWE press conference in Las Vegas for Crown Jewel, Triple H said Logan Paul has earned his respect.

"Logan was totally different. Logan was a guy that came in, talked to us about it, and as soon as we talked to him about doing something, man he started to put in the work... When I saw him in the ring for the first time, he blew my mind. I saw him do it again, after that blew my mind."