Sheamus sends a message to the WWE Universe

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Sheamus sends a message to the WWE Universe

The dream, goal and ambition of becoming WWE Intercontinental Champion are far from vanished. After the many compliments obtained in Cardiff, in a match at Clash at the Castle also awarded by the five stars of Dave Meltzer, Sheamus renews his challenge to Gunther and clearly explains why it is so important for him to obtain the title that in the company's European trip has only touched upon.

The Irish WWE star recently participated in Corey Graves' "After The Bell" podcast, where in this week's episode he returned to his excellent meeting with Gunther on Clash at the Castle and many other topics.

Starting, inevitably, from the goal of winning the Intercontinental Championship: "I was really very determined and explicit about the intercontinental title, because it is the only belt that is still missing in my wall - recalled Sheamus -.

And for this now. it's what I want more than anything else. This is what has brought me to this point in my career. You have to have a goal, you have to have a goal and you have to know what's next."

Backstage news on Sheamus

Everyone can see the unstoppable growth that Sheamus has experienced since the outbreak of the COVID emergency onwards.

And the Irishman explained to Corey Graves how he managed to take his contribution to WWE and discipline to another level during the pandemic era: “We were fighting in front of no one, and this is where it all started to kick off for me, Corey, because I got a new lease on life in there.

I had the opportunity to go there and show everyone what I could do. There was no audience. There was nothing else but you and Cole on the concrete floor, the ring and me there with an opponent. That was the moment when things changed."

Sheamus did not deny the concern that was breathed in those weeks: "Many boys and girls were really worried. It was completely new territory. It was scary, it was really a lot. There are times when during a match the presence of the public is so great.

strong enough to overwhelm you. At that point you carry it inside you and you take the most out of those moments. But this time there was no chance that it would happen. There was the ring, you guys, and the opponents on the square."

A delicate situation, which Sheamus, however, understood that it could turn into an opportunity: "I threw myself into it, because I knew that my physicality would become an adequate platform to show how good I am. I went there every time to the maximum, and People were talking about how aggressive I was, how brutal I was, and all without reaction from the audience. The physicality started there, and I just tried to make the most of it. For me it was an incredible opportunity."