When did WWE contact Malakai Black?

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When did WWE contact Malakai Black?

There are several rumors that Malakai Black is getting closer to a return to WWE, following his farewell to AEW. In fact, according to a new indiscretion, it would seem that WWE would have kept contact with the athlete from the beginning of 2022, despite the fact that he was at that time still tied to a contract with Tony Khan's federation.

In fact, at the end of August, it was reported that WWE had contacted several AEW stars to change companies. As soon as Triple H became WWE's new head of creativity, he immediately committed to reshaping the roster and re-signing several former Superstars, and still continues to do so today.

After arranging a meeting with his Superstars, AEW President Tony Khan allegedly addressed the situation by revealing that AEW Chief Legal Officer Megha Parekh had emailed Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon of WWE, warning them not to contact more athletes.

WWE wanted Malakai Black

After all these rumors, it has now been reported by celebrated journalist Dave Meltzer, that Malakai Black was one of the stars that WWE would contact this summer and also in early 2022, despite being tied to AEW with a five-year: "What I know is that Malakai Black was one of the Superstars that WWE would contact even though he was tied to a five-year contract with AEW.

Tony Khan tried to deny him his release, but then Malakai Black wanted to leave the federation. Tony Khan did not want to comment on the situation on Malakai Black, but the truth is that the athlete has somehow managed to free himself from that contract."

For now, it is not known whether the former Aleister Black can make it to WWE or not, but apparently nothing like this is planned for the moment. In a recent post on his social networks, Malakai Black spoke of his farewell to AEW but also of the fact that a number of personal matters about him would become public knowledge and that he would not have liked much.

Under the name of Aleister Black, the Dutch star had a WWE adventure that lasted from 2016 until June 2021. During this time he won the NXT title and the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic with Ricochet. Tony Khan had little to say about the future of Malakai Black in AEW after it appeared as though Black bid farewell to the fans at All Out.

"I'm not sure, I can't comment on that though but that was for the live fans and they definitely got some people talking. So it is a thing that happened but no we can't comment on that."