A segment of SmackDown was improvised

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A segment of SmackDown was improvised

Drew McIntyre appeared in this week's episode of Friday Night SmackDown to complain that Karrion Kross has been attacking him from behind and by surprise for weeks and weeks now. Therefore, Extreme Rules wants the guarantee of facing him on an equal footing and without any tricks or tricks from his rival.

He did it by presenting himself in the ring with a strap, then used by the two to conclude the segment. In short, the prospect of meeting in a Strap Match seemed like the perfect challenge. The only weak point that remains to the Scotsman of the WWE, seems to be the partner of Kross, with Scarlett who in fact hit Drew with a fireball, which did not go as it should have, however, taking the athlete by surprise, who is He was then hit by Kross, until he remained on the ground, even if everything was very excited and required a second intervention by Scarlett, who hit the Scot with a low blow.

What happened during SmackDown?

Apparently, according to what emerged from the well-known journalist Sean Ross Sapp, of the site Fightful, there would be something that went wrong with the shot of flame that launched Scarlett on McIntyre, with the explosion that did not go as it should and has thus led the two contenders to have to face each other in a totally improvised angle.

During its latest update, Sapp reported: "We were told very clearly, that the card that made the flash was not ready for live TV and did not work as it should, not seeming as truthful as a blow to the face. We were then told that Karrion Kross had to continue improvising.

He and Drew McIntyre totally improvised the rest of what happened." The beauty of the live broadcast, therefore, with a special WWE effect that didn't work as it should and with the two protagonists of the ring who, however, did very well, not letting fans know that something was not going as planned.

Former WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt has responded to a fan who claimed to have sighted him at the Salt Lake City Utah Airport. Amidst the rumors, a fan on Twitter proclaimed that he saw The Eater of the Worlds at Utah airport ahead of SmackDown, which emanates from Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah. With only three episodes of SmackDown left until the Philadelphia show, tonight is the night to get out of first gear.