Jeff Jarrett is happy to have left WWE

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Jeff Jarrett is happy to have left WWE

At the end of one of the episodes of Friday Night Smackdown that aired a few months ago on FOX television screens, Adam Pearce wanted to surprise everyone, appearing from the backstage of the arena, microphone in hand, immediately after the show's closing match.

After seeing the main event close with an Angelo Dawkins win over Jimmy Uso, with the champion pinned despite having a shoulder raised this time, Pearce wanted to reveal who would be the special referee of their match at Summerslam.

The choice had surprisingly fallen on the WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett, seen for years also on the TNA rings, which the historic WWF / E athlete had helped to give birth in the early 2000s. JJ was therefore the one who took care to manage one of the most important matches of the card of the last WWE Big Four, with the company that also wanted to broadcast a short clip on the career of its Hall of Famer, to make it recognized or known for the first time to fans who do not they had ever seen him in the company rings.

After a few weeks, however, Jarrett decided to leave the company, after only a few months working with the McMahons.

Update on Jeff Jarrett's status

After a stint in the backstage that lasted very few weeks, Jeff Jarrett decided to return to fight in the independent federations, also going to fight in the last match of Ric Flair, which aired just after SummerSlam, with McMahon's Hall of Famer who then decided to separate his path with that of the Stamford company.

To add further fuel to the fire after this goodbye, JJ's wife, Karen Jarrett, also thought about it, who said in her last interview: "I think it was a blessing that he is no longer there. I still believe that he still has a lot to offer to this business in the ring, alone, I think he would have been very limited there, with all the things he knows and knows ...

I don't know if he would ever be happy with the changes that there have been, so I believe that God took care of us and made us make this decision." Jarrett stated that he is looking forward to the new challenge and expressed his enthusiasm to his co-host, Conrad Thompson.

"You know me, Conrad, I’m a personal guy and I’ll leave it personal for that matter," Jarrett said. "It’s, you know — and kind of what’s been stated out there, SVP, Live Events. You know as well as anybody, my passion is in live events but I’ll just kind of leave that right there."