Bray Wyatt is very close to returning to WWE

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Bray Wyatt is very close to returning to WWE

More and more clues suggest WWE is ready to put Bray Wyatt back under contract, perhaps at Extreme Rules or perhaps even sooner. In the meantime, however, new backstories emerge on what happened between the spring and summer of 2021, when the athlete who in the role of The Fiend managed to graduate twice Universal Champion ran into some heavy defeats, disappeared from the scene and then was even fired from the company.

Bray Wyatt last wrestled in WWE and in general in a wrestling ring at WrestleMania 37 in 2021, when as The Fiend he lost a fight with his former rival Randy Orton thanks to a distraction from Alexa Bliss. The next night on Raw, Wyatt made an appearance that proved to be the last of his WWE career nowadays, as he was released from his contract on July 31, 2021.

they were only related to the absence of plans for him or his psychological difficulties that were talked about at the time. Bryan Alvarez, speaking to 'Wrestling Observer Live', claimed that Wyatt apparently had "a problem regaining medical clearance to compete," which was why he was eventually fired.

Alvarez also added that he does not know if that problem had ever been solved, nor if it has actually been overcome in the meantime.

Backstage news on Bray Wyatt

Meanwhile, rumors are rampant that Bray Wyatt could be very close to a return to WWE that would have a colossal impact on fans.

After all, the company has launched in recent weeks the segments of "White Rabbit", which many have associated with the former WWE Champion. And even in the promotional images of Extreme Rules, important clues would be hidden.

An update from Sean Ross Sapp of 'Fightful Select' claimed that WWE is treating this affair as a closely guarded secret, although it is expected to lead to something with Bray Wyatt. There is also insistence on a contact between the WWE and the athlete, with numerous people in the company claiming that his return is only a "matter of time".

Someone, in this regard, also spoke of a possible correlation with Karrion Kross, given that the latter had used the song "White Rabbit" in the past in another promotion, but with the passage of time this inference seems to have lost consistency.

Finally, 'Fightful' also stated that "a prominent star has said that launching promos like these is something fundamental to set the tone of the shows that we will see soon".