Sami Zayn launches a new challenge

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Sami Zayn launches a new challenge

Over the last few months, an athlete who has nothing to do with the Anoa'i lineage has become increasingly close to Bloodline: Sami Zayn. The Canadian, in fact, has repeatedly saved both Usos and Roman Reigns from some blows from the faces of the blue show, with Sami who has always done his utmost as a member of the Bloodline, even without having the right to.

During the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown aired on Friday night, Roman Reigns himself decided to thank Zayn for the work done, proclaiming him to all intents and purposes a new "brother" of Bloodline, even pulling out a personalized t-shirt for the former Intercontinental Champion of the blue show, who was delighted by the honor.

After seeing the entry into the stable also of Solo Sikoa, coming from NXT, Sami Zayn then becomes an "Honorary Uce", thanks to the Tribal Chief, with the Bloodline becoming more and more dominant in the WWE rings and more and more extended.

AJ Styles teases Sami Zayn

After seeing the Smackdown curtain, AJ Styles wanted to have his say on the gift made by Reigns to Sami Zayn, going to tease the Canadian now annexed to Bloodline, with Sami who has not remained silent, however, making it clear how Raw could go and attack the Phenomenal One, which is now being warned.

But let's see the exchange of tweets that took place between the two on the well-known social network that chirps in the last few hours: "Dude, people would do anything for a shirt nowadays... #pathetic" "Roman Reigns GAVE me the HONORARY UCE T-Shirt (now available on the WWE Shop and it sells crazy, from what I've heard) Disrespect the shirt = disrespect the Bloodline.

Maybe I have to come to Raw this Monday to sort this out. Oh and I don't travel alone. Prepare your luggage uce." Former WWE manager Jim Cornette has praised former Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn for his excellent in-ring ability.

"Sami Zayn, I've said this, his in-ring work is excellent. He's got no fu**ing physique whatsoever. He's stronger than he looks and his work is great," said Cornette. He continued: "Even though he's a pain in the a**, I've never said Sami couldn't go," added Cornette.

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ricochet was in a jubiliant mood after taking down Sami Zayn on SmackDown. "You know, any time that you can shut Sami Zayn up is a victory in itself. Not only that, I'd like to think I gave The Bloodline a little bit of their own medicine.

As cliche as that sounds, they really think that they can just do whatever they want around here and maybe for the most part, they can."