*Spoiler* Braun Strowman destroyed everyone

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*Spoiler* Braun Strowman destroyed everyone

We stay behind the scenes, where Ricochet and Madcap Moss tell Sami Zayn that she is changing and she should stop licking Roman Reigns' butt, but… ONLY SIKOA ATTACKS BOTH! The Canadian feels protected and even more part of the Bloodline, but how long will it last? - The New Day vs Maximum Male Models.

In the final Ma.çé is getting the better of Xavier Woods and gives the change to Mån.sôör̃, but the two get distracted to have Maxxine take a picture. Kofi Kingston intervenes and throws the former commentator out, while Woods takes advantage of it with a RollUp on Arabic and ...

1 ... 2 ... 3! After the match Max Duprì is furious, he goes to yell at his sister and her assistants that it was not the right time to pose, then he takes off his jacket violently and goes away. And I can only hope for the return of LA Knight, Eli Drake or any more decent character for him.

- Backstage the Hit Row party goes on. Sonya Deville arrives to talk to B-Fab, but Los Lotharios also approach the girl, with different purposes. Top Dolla and Ashante Adonis, however, do not fit in and, also supported by the Street Profits, they push away the handsome Mexicans.

Powerful fight. Otis slammed Braun Strowman with a big powerslam on last week’s WWE SmackDown.

Braun Strowman is unleashed

Braun Strowman vs Otis. To think that 2 years ago Strowman was champion and Otis Mr MITB, so this rivalry would have been the one for the top title, makes you shudder.

The match is what it should be, which is a power clash between giants, with some intervention by Chad Gable to put Otis ahead. In the final Otis is getting the better of him, gets on the stake and throws himself, but Braun moves and lifts his rival ...

POWERBOMB! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3! - Backstage the Brawling Brutes are interviewed by Kayla Braxton. Sheamus says he will face Gunther at SmackDown's Season Premiere, but this is the night of Ridge Holland and Butch, who will go all out to clinch the tag team titles.

Otis is among the heaviest superstars on the roster, and he was undone by The Monster Among Men. NXT North American Championship match: Solo Sikoa vs Madcap Moss. Will the North American title really be defended on the main roster? Apparently yes.

Sami Zayn intervenes several times during the match and, in the final, Moss is winning, but the Canadian saves Solo at the last by dragging him out of the ring. Madcap sets off in pursuit of Zayn and he escapes to the ring, where Sikoa immediately takes advantage ...

SUPERKICK ON MOSS! URANAGE! .. 1… 2… 3! The third Use retains the title, with a move that is far too similar to Rock Bottom.