*Spoiler* The Usos retained their Championships

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*Spoiler* The Usos retained their Championships

Drew McIntyre reaches the ring! The Scotsman says that Karrion Kross continues to play games, but at Extreme Rules he will not be able to escape and they will come face to face, adding that theirs will be a Strap match. Kross's theme starts and McIntyre awaits him, but… KARRION STRIKES HIM BEHIND!

The Scottish Psychopath, however, is not found unprepared, reacts and manages to tie the rival on the wrist. The former NXT Champion takes it, but Scarlett gets in the way and sprinkles something in the Scot's eyes. Completely useless.

The battle continues and Drew still has the upper hand, until ... SCARLETT'S LOW BLOW! McIntyre collapses to the ground and Karrion locks him in his Kross Jacket, promising that they'll see him at Extreme Rules. Yes, but for now you have not made a great impression.

- Dakota Kai vs Raquel Rodriguez. Raquel would have prevailed quite easily, were it not for Bayley and Iyo Sky's 200 speeches. In the final Bayley hits Rodriguez without being seen by the referee, but ... SHOTZI COMES! Long last.

The green-haired girl spreads the two out at ringside, while Kota gets distracted and… RAQUEL'S ROLLUP! .. 1… 2… 3! After the match, however, the winner does not even have time to celebrate, because the Damage CTRL spread out Shotzi first, then Rodriguez herself.

The two sides react quickly and send out their rivals, with a "final" clash between Shotzi and Iyo quite ridiculous. Backstage the party goes on and for the first time I feel like attending, since Natalya has also joined.

Ah, and Drew Gulak. Top Dolla toasts with Natalya… AND GETS A KICK IN THE FACE OF LOS LOTHARIOS! Looks good on you. Ashante Adonis also goes the same way, then the Mexicans leave immediately and the Street Profits stop the fight before it can begin.

The clash is only postponed. The Usos defended their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships in the main event of SmackDown against The Brawling Brutes.

The Usos defended their titles

MAIN EVENT UNDISPUTED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: The Usos vs The Brawling Brutes (Butch & Ridge Holland).

Good match, but I Holland can't stand it. In the finale Sami Zayn tries to pass a chair to The Usos, but Sheamus stops him. THE IMPERIUMS ARE COMING! The Irishman gets rid of Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser, but is knocked out by a kick from Gunther.

Butch and Ridge get distracted, even getting off the ring, but obviously the Usos take advantage of it. SUPERKICK ON BOTH! Butch is returned to the square and ... 1D! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3! The Usos remain undisputed champions.