Logan Paul divided public opinion

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Logan Paul divided public opinion

Net of the many criticisms that the company has drawn upon itself after one of the most controversial announcements of recent times, there is at least one WWE Hall of Famer eagerly awaiting the upcoming titled match between Logan Paul and the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, which will take place on November 5th in Crown Jewel, Saudi Arabia.

Or, at least, this is what he has officially declared: it is Booker T, who has publicly defended the operation decided by the Stamford company. Logan Paul, who originally gained fame as a YouTuber, signed with WWE in June. He challenged Reigns for a title match at Crown Jewel during a press conference last weekend in Las Vegas.

Well, six-time world champion Booker T said in the latest episode of the 'Reality of Wrestling' podcast that he thinks the match in Saudi Arabia will be a success. "I love that they do it on Crown Jewel," Booker explained to co-host Brad Gilmore.

"Crown Jewel is not your typical WWE show, it doesn't feature typical WWE fans, it's nothing of the kind we're used to the rest of the year. Crown Jewel is an over the top show. It's about giving to those fans.

over there a night to remember, a colossal performance." Booker has made it clear that Crown Jewel is not an event that is likely to include matches that fans "here in the US would not lose their heads or voices with enthusiasm", but he firmly believes that fans in Saudi Arabia "do.

they will love it. It's different over there," he said, "and if I have to talk about Logan Paul and Roman Reigns, I think those guys are going to put on a good show. There's no question about that."

Backstage news on Logan Paul

But Booker T also spent good words for Logan Paul regardless of the Crown Jewel match.

The former WCW and WWE heavyweight world champion admitted he sees "a bright future in professional wrestling" for Paul, whom he called "a crazy athlete" "How far he goes is up to him and how much time he really takes, because it can really become a sensation," said Booker T, who said the match against Roman Reigns could actually be a test that WWE itself is putting the influencer on.

to understand what are the limits to which he can currently aspire: "And for him it will be a more important test than anything else. If he can embrace that part of this business, this guy could do a lot, very well," foretold Booker T, noting that for Logan Paul the challenge to Roman Reigns "will be the most important lesson in life.

He will get out of that contention by becoming a much, much better fighter than he was even at the beginning of the match."