Roman Reigns snubs celebrities

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Roman Reigns snubs celebrities

Immediately after the Smackdown live broadcast a few weeks ago, WWE wanted to hold a press review in which all the Bloodline athletes, Triple H and Logan Paul were present, with all the main protagonists of Crown Jewel, the next Arab ppv WWE, who started building the Stamford federation special ppv main event.

During the press conference with the presence of dozens and dozens of journalists and fans, the Triple made it official how Logan Paul will go hunting for the world titles of Roman Reigns next November 5th, in Saudi Arabia.

After taking part in two important matches, one at Wrestlemania 38 and one at Summerslam, always in the company of The Miz, first as an ally and then as an opponent, Logan Paul will go direct for a title match against the absolute champion of the federation, with the two most important titles of the federation up for grabs.

Immediately after the officialization of the match for Crown Jewel, dozens and hundreds of fans of the company were unleashed on the social networks, for the choice of the WWE to use a former TV and Youtube star in the main event of a ppv.

Roman Reigns asks for calm

Many inside the WWE and also outside, including journalists and insiders, would be worried about this "fashion" of the McMahon federation to include numerous celebrities in the company's shows, with the Tribal Chief who instead wanted to see the thing from his point of view, as always.

In his latest interview with Radio Rahim's SecondsOut microphones, Roman Reigns cut it short, saying: "You must be so good that no one can steal your job. I don't care who they take, they can call whoever they want, but no one will take the place of the Tribal Chief."

For Roman Reigns, therefore, you have to work hard enough to become an irreplaceable character for WWE, a bit like he has done in recent years, with his name becoming one of the biggest names in wrestlers of the last 20 years, coming to have a two-year reign, which we will hardly see again in the future of the McMahon company.

During a conservation with Seconds Out, Roman stated that a performer's spot in WWE is theirs to control and it is up to them to make sure nobody steals their spotlight. "Be so good that nobody can take your spot. I don't care who they bring in, you can bring in anyone, and they ain't going to take the Tribal Chief's spot."