Jake Roberts is not happy with Braun Strowman

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Jake Roberts is not happy with Braun Strowman

Jake Roberts spoke to DDP Snake Pit about Strowman and his return to WWE. Roberts was not happy with certain things, and he thinks they don't suit Roberts. “He did [look like the Abominable Snowman], but Braun listen to me.

Nobody wants to see a friendly monster. Quit smiling. You’re not that guy. You know, so many guys make that mistake of, when they turn babyface they’ll completely change themselves. No, no no, no no. The only thing’s changed is your opponents.

You’re still the beast. The beast is what they love, they just want to see it pointed in the direction of somebody they don’t like”. - he said, as quoted by pwmania.com Roberts believes that Strowman's approach is wrong and that he should not have made a big mistake.

“So many guys make that mistake. And for Braun to be such a beast, man, and to see him out there smiling and asking the crowd what they would like for him to do — oh my God. If I was big enough, I’d punch you right in your box.

I was like, ‘You are a beast, and my god. Use what you got son. Come with what you got”.

Jake Roberts on Vince McMahon

Recently, in an interview with Busted Open Radio, he talked about Vince McMahon's departure from WWE “I didn’t know if he’d retire or if somebody would kill him first.

I really didn’t because he’s pissed off a lot of friggin people, man. And sometimes money can get you out of s–t. But all it takes is one loose nut to put a shell in your ass that stops everything. And I always thought that it would be something along the lines of FOX television. Maybe that might try it and throw the ball out there as AEW has”.